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Nowadays, when you hire a beautiful escort, you want an experience that is worth your money. Yes, you are hiring her because she is beautiful and has a body that women can only dream of, but companionship means far more than just that. For some men, being able to go on a date and simply enjoy the company of a woman is more than enough for them. This is why our escorts also offer the "Girlfriend Experience" as part of their services.

Girlfriend experience escorts offer a unique and intimate experience that goes above and beyond just physical pleasure. Your gorgeous girlfriend experience escort will display genuine affection, emotional connection and intimacy. 

They are trained to be able to mimic a real relationship and will excel at making it look the best relationship you can get whether you get them to accompany you to dinners, events, or spend time with them in private, they will not break character. 

GFE London escorts see this as a way to provide companionship, emotional support and pleasure to somebody who needs it, they always provide a personalised service as everybody’s needs and wants are different. There is a huge rise in popularity of GFE escorts at the moment. 

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When it comes to a client's day to day life, we understand that the majority will have extremely stressful jobs and will need to spend long hours within your office. This can leave very little time to meet new people and actually relax when the evening comes.

If you are struggling to meet a gorgeous woman to take out on the town, a Girlfriend Experience (GFE) would be the perfect way of keeping yourself in the dating arena. Kristin Davis, the Manhattan Madam, has even said:

"It's code for paying for things a girlfriend would do with her boyfriends such as foreplay, non-rushed sex, and cuddling."

So if you are longing for the touch of someone who will provide you with the companionship to make you feel wanted, loved and well-cared, then asking one of Crush's Escorts for a Girlfriend experience could be the perfect way to keep yourself in the dating arena. It may even help you build up the confidence to reach out to a different woman and go out with her in the future.

Intimacy is Important

When you are dating someone, it is normal to expect regular contact between you and your partner. It can be extremely comforting to just cuddle up to someone in the night and breath in a familiar scent of their body, or stroke their skin before you fall asleep in their arms. Our escorts are happy to provide you with this experience if you are feeling lonely or just need someone to cuddle up with during the colder nights.

A Friendly Ear

When it comes to the escorting business, you may assume that the first thing you want from your beautiful companion is a night to remember. However, if you are feeling lonely, isolated or depressed, an escort is the perfect person who will listen to your problems. When a Vice Reporter interviewed an escort, with the fake name "Jessica", about the GFE, he found that

"Jessica allowed me to use her as a sounding board for the more anxious goings-on in my life."

Our beautiful companions completely understand that their clients are looking for a private heart-to-heart. Sometimes people just need a friend to talk to about their problems, so that they can vent without fear of repercussion from friends, family or work colleagues. Undertaking a GFE will allow you to sit back with your escort, enjoy a cold beer and then simply talk about what may be stressing you out. It's the perfect way to release any negative emotions that you may be bottling up.

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If you want your gorgeous model to give you the full Girlfriend Experience on your date then be sure to ask her! These dates tend to be the most romantic and our escorts would be more than happy to listen to you over dinner or cuddle you once you return to your apartment.

Get ready for a date to remember and contact Crush Escorts today to book in your appointment. We can be contacted by phone, email or through our online booking service. We look forward to hearing from you soon.