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Leicester Square Escorts

Nestled in the heart of the West End, Leicester Square is one of London’s world famous landmarks and an extremely popular tourist destination. You will be able to find an amazing selection of exotic Leicester Square escorts who can fulfil your every desire and provide sparkling, stimulating company. Dating back to the 1600s, this part of the city of London is full of rich history. Henry VIII famously took control of this area in the late 1500s before it was bought up by the Earl of Leicester a few years later. By the 19th century, this thriving area of the city was already known as a popular destination for those looking for entertainment.

Modern day Leicester Square is still known as the heartland of theatre and cinema. If you enjoy the arts, this is a fantastic destination to take in a show, see a great film or perhaps even a musical. Many of the West End’s most popular Leicester Square escorts are highly educated and culturally aware, so you could perhaps incorporate a trip to the famous Leicester Square Theatre as part of your hot date. This theatre has undergone a number of refurbishments and played host to diverse performances that range from anarchist punk pioneers the sex pistols to the revered playwright Oscar Wilde.

This enchanting part of the city is often very busy as it remains an extremely popular destination with tourists, locals and of course, sexy Leicester Square escorts. There are plenty of bars and restaurants around the square itself so you will always be able to find a bite to eat and a drink or two. Bar Rhumba is a favourite for Stag and Hen parties, so you may like to try somewhere a little more refined, such as the Light Lounge, which serves an array of expertly mixed cocktails, champagne, prosecco and wine. The nearby Icon bar and terrace is a haven away from the hustle and bustle of Leicester Square itself and is still one of London’s best kept secrets.

The majority of the restaurants in this area are owned by famous and well loved national chains like Bella Italia, Angus Steakhouse and the Mexican specialists Chiquito meaning they are all brilliant option for visiting alongside any of the escorts in Leicester Square. Many punters prefer their dining experiences to be a little more refined and if you look a little deeper, you can still find lesser known, hidden gems that offer freshly cooked, great quality food. Leicester Square kitchen is popular with local foodies and Tao Tao Ju offers authentic and very tasty dim sum, among other fantastic oriental dishes.

When you feel as if you’ve exhausted the vibrant pleasures of London’s most famous square, you can head back to one of the many hotels in the area and bring along one of our escorts in Leicester Square for some excellent company. Having some private time with a seductive companion is one of life’s rare pleasures and the comfort and privacy of a well appointed hotel room is one of the best places to do this. The Piccadilly London West End offers luxury and contemporary quality whereas the St Martin’s Hotel has on onsite heath sweet for those who like to stay in shape.