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Whilst all of our London Companions are simply charming to behold, there is nothing that can beat the gorgeous culture and charm of a European Escort. European Companions each have a delicious romantic flavour that can present itself as both sophisticated and erotically wild. Soon you will find yourself experiencing sensual acts that you never would have dreamed have undertaken with anyone other than a European Model.

Mature Beauties

On the whole, you may actually find that whilst a European Companion may be young, their attitudes towards dating and their clients are a lot more mature than women from the UK. Instead of being flaky and unreliable, they know how to treat their clients and are completely professional. The majority of them also have very successful lives, blessed with beauty, a well-paying job and a fancy apartment. Instead of acting immaturely, a European Beauty will enjoy a classy glass of red wine and a sophisticated conversation on a date rather than being taken out to a club. So get to know her and get ready to truly enjoy a high-class date.

Mature Passions

Of course, everyone knows that specific areas of European (such as France and the Netherlands) are known for focusing on the idea of love and passion. This means that when you finally go out on your date or move your activities to the bedroom, you will experience a romantic night that you may not get to experience with any other person. Europeans are a lot more open about nudity and sex, just look at the red light district in Amsterdam for evidence, so feel free to talk to your escort about your deepest erotic desires. Soon you will find that your European Companion will go above and beyond to please you. So get ready to be satisfied and be sure to return the favour.

Stylistic Choices

For European Countries like France and Italy, each is a Fashion Giant in their own right. Their sophisticated styles of clothing are what makes European Fashion so famous. By dating a European Woman, you will always be guaranteed an impeccably dressed beauty to arrive on your date. For instance, if you are interested in a French Goddess, then their style may add a "masculine air" in the form of a trench coat or tight pants, or if you date an Italian Queen, you may find that your date indulges in their more colourful and feminine attitudes.

No matter where you go with your Crush Companion, you will always see her in a new outfit that suits her body perfect. All of our escorts love showing off their curves, especially in either a tight dress or beautiful lingerie, and will always take the chance to highlight their figures no matter what sort of date they are taken on. If you become one of our escort's favourite clients, then you may even be able to suggest the sort of outfit you would like to see her in. But don't be pushy and always make sure that your date is comfortable with your potential requests.

Silky Accents

Don't you think it is simply charming when you hear a woman speaking in an accent? Whether it is rough or sweet, it is enough to make your spine tingle in excitement, so much so that Thought-Catalog Italian, Spanish, Irish and French accents, all European, were in the top ten seductive accents.

So when you are on your date with a beautiful Crush European Accent, take a moment to indulge in her tones. If you are kind to your date, she may even be willing to teach you a little bit of her native tongue so you may eventually converse in her original language.

I am ready to book my European Model.

We are very happy to hear that you are ready to book a European Escort with Crush Escorts. Once you have selected a beauty from our Gallery, then feel free to reach out to our agency. This can be through phone, 07478770704, or through our online booking system. Once you have reached out to us, our friendly reception team would be happy to guide you through the remainder of the booking service. Our professional team will always have your privacy as their top priority, so you can simply sit back and relax as they organise your date.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.