London Escort FAQs - Updated 8th October 2022

Here at Crush Escorts we’ve decided to make a Frequently Asked Questions page to highlight the important necessities of booking your chosen London escort. Since our agency has an excellent reputation we pride ourselves in knowing we’re one of the most discreet and best agencies in London, so here is our FAQ’s list.

Can I book more than one escort at a time?

Of course you can and some of our girls even do duos with each other making this easier for you and this is found here on the DUO page, however not all of them offer this service so you’d have to look on their profile pages and see if they do, this is also in the information as well if you’re more of a reader.

Are the escorts fee’s negotiable?

Unfortunately not, as the ladies represent themselves as well as our agency. Not only this but most of our girls see this as their profession and because they excel in this which we know you’ll find out sooner or later, they, unfortunately, negotiate the fees as it’s their livelihood. If however, you were taking your London escort out for a longer period of time than discussed then we will have to discuss pricing with you.

Is this all legal?

Yes, of course, it is, as you’re not paying for sex you’re in fact paying for someone to accompany you on whatever adventure you’re going to have and to have an excellent time with, this doesn’t have to do with sexual activities at all and it is all about companionship. What our girls do with you is also both your business as our girls are a very discreet bunch and our agency is known for its discretion, oh and don’t worry about the ladies who advertise with us not being over the age of 18 as we can 100% guarantee they are as we have written documentation of their ages.

Are the pictures on the escort’s profiles genuine?

All of our escort’s images are real and genuine because we first hand interview our girls before we put them on our team of gorgeous London escorts just to make sure their pictures are genuine. We won’t cheat you, unlike some agencies that try to cheat with fake images of girls. No, we respect our clientele.

How do I book online?

We have three ways to book at Crush, you can call our friendly receptionist on 07478770704 or you can email our agency at [email protected]. If you would like to book online then you can click here to visit our bookings pages.

Can I contact the agency?

Feel free to contact us about any enquiries you may have, we are open 11 am to 2 am for calls or you can send us an email and we can get back to you as soon as we can. If you would like to contact Crush Escorts via the website then please click here to visit our contact page.

Do you offer DUO escort Services?

Yes! We offer plenty of DUO escort services throughout London, please click here to visit our DUO escorts page to find the escorts and more information.

Do you post News & Updates?

We like to keep all of our clients up to date with the News and Updates happening with Crush Escorts. If you would like to keep up with all the latest then please click here to visit our News page.

What does the camera/video icon mean on the girls pictures?

If you see either a camera or a video icon displayed on the girls thumbnail it means that they have a selfie picture of themselves or a video to view on their personal profile, if a girl has both icons she has both a video and selfie and vice versa.