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Though there are more famous areas than Queensway, it is still known as a thriving and busy street that can offer men looking for great female companionship with all kinds of things to do. Populated by a host of good restaurants and take away outlets, primarily Chinese and Middle Eastern, you will never go hungry when you are near this part of London town. Escort girls often enjoy being wined and dined so you may like to incorporate a visit to one of the many different food outlets that populate this street with your erotic weekend experience or evening date with our Queensway escorts. Transportation is never a problem in this part of the capital as there are two busy underground stations located here. Both Queensway and Bayswater are based here, meaning that many commuters, tourists and of course escort girls, will use this line to get around.

There are plenty of things to do with our escorts in Queensway so if you plan to entertain your seductive female companion, you can definitely do this without running out of activities. The Princess Diana Memorial Playground is located close by and makes a very interesting and poignant place to stop if you want to pay your respects to the well loved public figure and member of the British Royal Family. You may also want to book an evening at the little known Magic Hour, which is located close by on Inverness Terrace near Hyde Park. This is one of the most popular magic shows in London for good reason. Amazing, hypnotic shows will entrance and entertain you and your chosen escort girl before you move on to a bar or perhaps back to a hotel for some more intimate pleasures.

If you enjoy the heady thrill of gambling alongside your erotic experience, you may like to visit the Golden Horseshoe Casino, located on Queensway itself. Managed and run by the world renowned Grosvner’s casino’s, this plush and well appointed location offers all of the traditional games from blackjack and roulette to slot machines and virtual horse racing. You and your Queensway escort companion could celebrate your big win with a few drinks or perhaps a bite to eat from a nearby restaurant, the choice is yours.

If the hustle and bustle of the city all gets a bit too much for you, the beautiful Kensington Gardens are located less than half a mile away from Queensway. This is a tranquil, peaceful place to reflect on your thoughts or have a quiet, intimate conversation together with a smart, funny and sexy escort babe. Sometimes it’s these little moments that can be the best part of your date and in an idyllic and picturesque setting like Kensington Gardens, you can get a sense of getting away from it all without leaving the city.

With great transport links and shopping as well as a seemingly endless list of things to do, Queensway is undoubtedly one of the best locations to meet and entertain high class Queensway escorts girls in the city of London.