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When it comes to the end of a sexual experience with one of our gorgeous CIM escorts London, there can be nothing sexier than watching her swallow a hot load of your jizz. Our Gorgeous London Companions know how to handle your load, so be sure to indulge in watching them as they lick that last bit of drippage from their lips. It is so erotic that you will definitely want to come back for more.

What's so good about CIM Escorts In London?


When it comes to receiving a creamy surprise at the end of any sexual encounter, around 54% of people prefer their partner cumming in their mouth or swallowing their load. This can be a truly intimate act between people, after all, the receiver is literally accepting a part of their partner if they are happy to connect through CIM. As semen contains Oxytocin is a chemical needed for happiness in the brain, then help you increase your trust and will instinctively allow you to feel closer to your partner.

If you are feeling lonely, depressed or just in need of CIM London escorts, then booking this service can really make you feel connected to another human being. Though be sure to treat her nicely afterwards, as your gorgeous escort will be grateful if you thank her once you are fully relieved for the night.

CIM Escorts Love Domination

Consent is extremely important when it comes to BDSM or Domination Sex. However, if your beautiful companion has agreed to be dominated or rough sex, then finishing your sexual act by cumming all over (and inside) her mouth can be a final act of empowerment in your humiliation play, especially when she swallows. If you are after this sort of relief, then be sure to talk it through with your escort before your meeting. After all, if you are interested in a very specific service then she will need to know beforehand to prepare herself.


There is nothing wrong with feeling a sense of pride when you ejaculate, in fact, for a man it is known that this is when he is at his happiest. To bring someone into this process, it is a way for any man to show off his sexual prowess and, thus, feel happy when he "accomplishes" that final climax. To see someone passionately swallow the load that is produced can really allow him to feel a sense of pride and confidence. So feel free to ask our Crush Companions about whether they would be comfortable doing this, as they would be happy to indulge you if you discuss it with them before the meeting.

I'm Ready to try out a CIM Experience

If you have visited our Crush Gallery and have located the best escort to provide your CIM experience, then it is time to book her for a date you just won't forget for a long time. You can do this via phone on 07478770704 or through our online booking system.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.