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When punters choose escort girls, they can decide to pick them for all kinds of different reasons. It could be the body shape, the personality or indeed, the eyes. Many people love blue eyed escort girls because of their incredible beauty and sense of innocence. Others enjoy the ice blue hues of a seductive temptress’s gaze because it reminds them of an old crush or a girlfriend they no longer see. Blue eyed escorts are extremely popular in every part of the country, especially among men who may not usually come in to contact with women like this.

Some of the world’s most famous female film stars and singers have blue eyes and the same is true of professional female companions. Many of the most popular girls have deep, ocean blue eyes that sparkle and twinkle when they flash that sultry, seductive smile your way. If you love blue eyed escort girls, you will be powerless to resist this kind of natural charm and beauty. Even if you appreciate people of all colours and shapes, there is something particularly enticing about a gorgeous blue eyed woman who is willing to spend some quality time with you in a private, intimate setting.

Gazing across a candle lit table in a restaurant setting can be a great way to appreciate the hypnotic blue eyes of a delicious escort companion. While you are enjoying your meal and the sparkling conversation, you can get lost in her beautiful looks and intoxicating personality. Most escort girls are smart, funny and great company, not to mention being wonderfully adept in the bedroom. Every punter has their own reasons for choosing escort girls and whether you want to be with somebody who reminds you of times past, or perhaps just somebody a little bit different to what you are used to, a blue eyed escort can be a great choice.