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Let's say that you're the sort of man that's getting a little tired of the common Girlfriend Experience (GFE) or Vanilla Date. If you find yourself getting a little bored, and desiring something new to spice up your days and nights, then it is time to meet one of our Adventurous London Escorts who would be happy to take you out for a fun day trip before indulging in a passionate rendezvous during the night.

Crush Escorts are ready to make your kinkiest dreams become a reality, as all of our escorts are ready to serve you and make you feel like a True King. So get ready for a date to remember

What is an Adventurous Escort?

To define an Adventurous Crush Escort is to define a woman who rarely says no to any sort of new suggestion or a chance to enhance your time together. These girls do not watch the clock once your encounter begins, instead they are raring to go and are ready to suggest ideas to make your date even more erotic than anything you could ever imagine. There is a thrill that comes along with the taboo, so prepare to get wild with your sexy companion! For you will soon find how free she actually is, and how her boundaries are so broad that she would be up for any chance. You will surely be in for a night to remember.

What Acts can your Escorts provide in the Bedroom?

Our Escorts are all happy to provide special services to make sure your evening is one that is filled with passion. Each companion is comfortable with different sexual acts, so be sure to check out their profiles in our Gallery before you book them. These services can include:

If you are interested in experiencing these services with any of our adventurous escorts then feel free to look into their profiles. If they do not have the service you desire listed, then do not worry! There will always be a different beauty who would be happy to provide these services to make you feel like a true King. If you have any questions about these services then feel free to contact our reception team who would be happy to discuss your options and your overall bill.

Why I should hire an Adventurous Escort?

An Introduction to the Thrill

Are you ready for your sexy companion to thrill you with sexy secrets from the unknown? 73% of the British public say that their partner is not willing to try new sexual activities, but this will certainly not be the case when you meet up with your sexy model. She is willing to go against all expectations and treat you to a truly thrilling excitement you won't forget in a long time.

Whether you have always had that small craving to be dominated or try out a little BDSM or pain play, allow your companion to truly liberate you from your boring routine and bring you into a whole new realm of passion.

Not only will she be a goddess in the bedroom, but you know that she will bring that adventurous side to her out when it comes to exploring new and unique dating locations. Whether you want to visit a historical monument, a quirky museum, local market or even indulge in a cocktail at the beach, your London Companion will be ready to accompany you and even make some fun suggestions along the way.

A Unique Charm

An Adventurous Crush Escort is the sort of woman who has a truly unique flavour to her personality and charm. She is a quirky girl that comes up with a quip that you just wouldn't expect. She is the sort of woman whose confidence is endless and you know that she will never change her attitude just to appease someone. This sort of personality can be truly addictive, as its sexually charged confidence will rub off on you. Before you know it, you will find yourself standing taller than you ever have before. As your Adventurous Escort opens up the world to you, you will begin to find yourself suggesting your own ideas, things you may be too shy to express to other people. Indulge in her confidence as she is more than happy to share it with you.

Flexible Fantasies

Our Adventurous London Beauties are the sort of women who don't just like to be wined and dined after the first date. Instead, they adore variety and are ready to accommodate any of your cheekiest fantasies into their schedule. Open minded and flexible, you can tell your Crush Model anything and she ensures that it becomes a reality. However, be sure to give her a little time to prepare herself, for it as she may need to provide the correct outfits or sex toys to fully pleasure you and make your fantasy become a reality!

How can I meet my Sexy Adventurous Escort today?

If you are ready to meet up with your dream companion, and you have browsed through our Adventurous Gallery, then it is time to contact Crush Escorts to arrange your date. Feel free to contact our agency either by phone on 07478770704 or through our online booking system. Our professional reception team will then guide you through the remainder of the booking process.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.