18 November 2022

The Do’s And Dont’s When Booking An Escort


There are still a few people out there that think that booking an escort allows them to do as they wish and it gives them a feeling of power, domination and almost of brief ownership.

This is a rather antiquated view and most certainly will not help you to get the very best from your escort encounter.

So to ease things along when you are booking the services of an escort, here are a few do's and don'ts as voted for by the escorts in London at Crush Escorrs that will ensure that the date goes as smoothly as possible.

Some definite don't do's when you are with an escort

Let's start with the naughty list, what you shouldn't do when you book an escort. And in no particular order, here is some feedback from our escorts.

Cleanliness - Most of our girls comment on how a guy could possibly expect to be passionate with a lady when he himself isn't clean. The guy would expect the girl to be pristine, sweet smelling and tasty. How can he expect her to be excited with smelly feet, bad breath or 3 day old boxer shorts.

Arrogance - Our ladies tell us that there is nothing worse than an arrogant guy. Booking an escort does not give the guy a right to think that he owns the escort. Arrogance includes bad manners, demanding and being ignorant.

Pushing the boundaries - When a guy books an escort it is normal to agree for any services that may be considered specialist in advance. This can include things like A Levels, OWO, CIM and WS services. One pet hate of escorts is when guys push the boundaries over and above what was agreed. If the guy wants to go further then make sure that the lady agrees and is looked after.

Pushing the times - Similar to the above but escorts are professional ladies with a busy schedule. If a guy has booked an hour then an hour it is. Don't try to push the time over what was agreed unless the escort is happy to do this and you have an agreement.

Some definite 'to do's' with an escort

So here are the things that escorts love and that you are more than welcome to do.

Escorts absolutely love little treats from time to time - No we are not necessarily talking straight cash here, little things do mean a lot to these lovely ladies. So when booking an escort consider her feelings and enjoyment as much as yours. A little gift of chocolates to nibble on is a great idea, as is a bottle of something chilled for you both to share when your escort arrives at your bedroom.

Treat her with kindness and respect - Sounds pretty obvious but it is simply amazing how many stories we hear of arrogant men treating their escort lady like they would treat a commodity. An escort is a lady with feelings and little comments and gestures go a long way. Greet her with something along the lines of “wow, you look even more stunning than your photographs” and she will be melting instantly. Shower her with lovely comments throughout the date and she will respond accordingly. Treating an escort well is far less common than many guys realise and it really stands out.

Maybe give her a little treat, don't just think of yourself - Let's be honest, most guys would expect an escort to arrive and get straight into the act of giving him as much pleasure as possible within the constraints of the booking time. But think for a second, how much fun would or could it be to treat your lady to a slow and sensual massage on the bed. The pleasure that can be derived from running your hands over a naked young lady is almost immeasurable and, as a bonus you get to see everything as you do it. Don't just grunt around letting your escort pleasure you, why not give a little back and see how much pleasure you can give her too. She will love it.

Pretty easy to impress an escort if you think about it. But why should you? Quite simply you will get much more back in return from a lady that respects your charm and kindness.

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