30 April 2018

How to treat escorts when booking

Within this article, we’re going to go over how exactly you should treat one of the gorgeous London escorts here at Crush escorts. We wanted to go through this as it is important that our girls get the respect they deserve. At the end of the day our girls are human beings as much as the guys that book them so why shouldn’t they be treated the way they deserve to be treated just because of their profession.

Be respectful and generally a nice individual

When you’re meeting a girl you’re not going to start insulting her or start some sort of dirty talk straight away. Be a kind and courteous individual that actually shows that you want to get to know the girl you have chosen from Crush escorts in and out before getting what you really wanted. It’s kind of like a small date instead you don’t have to go through all the long an arduous talking of course. Just show a little bit of courtesy and it will get you rewarded In the long run.

Make sure you dress to impress

We don’t mean you have to go out and buy a thousand pound suit. On the contrary, it’s probably best if you don’t up dress top much. Make sure before your booking you get yourself ready by having a shower may be a quick shave and put something that makes you smell nice on. Wear something which makes you look smart but at the same time casual. It’s an escorts worst nightmare meeting a client who smells funny and is dressed in an Adidas tracksuit as it just seems to them that their clients don’t really care about their meeting.

If it’s an outcall

At Crush Escorts, we have ladies from Bayswater to Westminister, however, with outcall escorts, you can meet the lady you want in your location. If she’s coming to meet you at your place make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned as this is another nightmare that our escorts have. If they visit a clients place and it’s an absolute mess then they are less likely to go around again and even worse they won’t enjoy themselves with you and that would probably be one of the worst things for an escort.

Book our escorts in advance

This isn’t really to do about treating our escorts but it’s paramount that you make the effort to book any of our escorts in advance as the girl you wish to meet could be booked up for the day you wish to meet them. You’ll be absolutely elated to discover that most of our girls are available till the early hours of the morning so if you’re planning a big night out remember that our escorts from our gallery would love to meet you and provide you with one of the most exceptional evenings that you could ever imagine.

If you are interested in learning more about how to treat a escort on a date contact our team or read our most FAQs