28 October 2022

Mature Or Young Escorts? - Both Have Benefits

Now here is a lovely problem that any red-blooded male can enjoy pondering. If he is booking the services of an escort should he book a mature escort or the services of a young teen escort? There are clear benefits to both but many guys will automatically have a preference. When it comes to booking an escort though things can get a little more difficult for a number of reasons.

Do you book a teen escort or a mature escort?

Choosing between a mature, older escort or a fresh young London escorts is not as straightforward as the age difference and many guys find that, once they start browsing high class escort agency websites and are actually about to commit to booking a local escort then the choice is a little more tricky that first imagined. The benefits of a teen young escort are instantly obvious to many guys. Fresh and sexy, these girls will invariably have perfect little figures and fresh young faces that will appeal to many guys. Of course, one consideration is the age of the guy himself. If he is middle aged then his regular diet may well be that of middle-aged ladies. However, we are all familiar with younger guys and their older women fantasies.

Booking a teen escort for the first time and having the enchanting pleasure of meeting a hot young lady again after many years, knowing that you are going to experience her teen delights is an exciting proposition to say the least. Those young pert breasts, tight and sexy bottoms and little smooth tummies holds a timeless appeal to pretty much any guy. Even the different hair and makeup styles as well as the clothes that they choose give a totally different dynamic to the whole event. Schoolgirl fantasies perhaps, or memories of fumbling as a teen with their first partner are certainly fond memories. But in truth some guys just would not be comfortable with a teen escort. The age difference may simply be too much and they are looking for someone of a similar age, and for a good range of reasons.

Why book a mature escort?

There are many reasons why a guy would book the services of a mature escort. Quite simply, some guys will prefer an escort of a similar age to them, it feels more natural and comfortable for them. Then of course many other guys have heard about the benefits of mature London escorts and all that their experience can bring. This is well known an is most cases is true. Mature ladies have more experience and they know exactly what delights and enchants a guy. Not just after hours but we are also talking about mannerisms, how they conduct themselves and what they wear. The style of a mature escort is totally different to that of a teen escort. Then of course the obvious element to consider when booking a mature escort is her wealth of sexual experience.

A mature escort knows what you like.

By sheer virtue of her experience, a mature escort knows what a guy likes. Not just activities and timing but some subtle things that only experience can bring to an evening of fun and games. A mature escort will often take control in situations, which many guys like, and will lead the way both to and in the bedroom. Teasing and enchanting you all the way, a mature lady may well know things that you done and may even be able to show the old dog – that’s you, a few new tricks.

So, a guy has two choices. Young and unspoiled beauty and innocence that only youth can bring, or the chances of opportunities that maybe the guy did not even know were available to him. Tight and perky little teen girls with bright eyes and a lust for life or the older, calculated and naughty approach that many guys would melt for.

Both of these problems are great to have and the guy can take as long as he wants to ponder the myriad of pros and cons of each. One sure fire solution is to try both. Yes, book a teen escort then book a mature escort. We will be interested to hear your feedback.