06 May 2016

How To Impress A Mayfair Escort From Crush

Mayfair is one of the most affluent districts in London and the stunning Mayfair escorts are some of the most wanted company in Mayfair because they’re just absolutely gorgeous and love to impress their clients as much as possible. So here is a short list of the best way to impress a Mayfair escort;


Start off with dinner!

They always say a quick way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach and this is extremely true because a dinner with a beautifully stunning Mayfair escort is like a game of beauty and serenity. Your Mayfair escort will turn up in the most luxurious of clothes and garments just to impress you! She’ll be bombarding you with compliments throughout your dinner and won’t stop until you’ve been teased so much you start stroking her ego too.


Next is to hit the bars

After you’ve both been satisfied with your meal and you’ve got to know each other a bit better, why not treat your chosen Mayfair escort to a drink as we all know the drink is the best way to get talking again. You’ll soon realise your Mayfair escort will be absolutely all over you and really into you as she thinks the world of you for that night, once again she won’t stop stroking your ego or getting close to you teasing you all night with promises and sweet talks throughout the night.


What’s next?

The next best thing would be to get you and your Mayfair escort down to a hotel and book both of you a room, so prepare yourself for a seductively kinky night of fun. You’ll soon realise that this girl wasn’t just saying all those things to tease you as she’s quite the kinky minx that wants nothing more to pounce on you. Remember as well that you could have double the fun as our girls do duos which are much more exciting we assure you, as our girls are some of the best at their profession in Mayfair and will knock your socks off and leave you grinning for weeks to come. 

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