20 January 2023

Different Escort Services You Must Try in 2023

The next time you book an escort for your weekly fun and games, think abut what else is on offer and potentially spice things up a little?

Its a well known fact that we often get into something of a rut in our daily lives and guys that use escort services from time to time may also experience the same thing. Its great fun booking an incall or outcall escort and part of that excitement is selecting the girl. Some guys find an escort that they are happy with and book her regularly. But have you stopped to ponder for a few minutes which other exciting opportunities may be available for you to share with your escort?

Some of the abbreviated terminology on an escorts profile is pretty obvious to most people. OWO – well that's pretty obvious we think. CIM is also a regular request and service offered by escorts. But have you thought about other services that you may enjoy?

Escort Services to Savour

Who wouldn't enjoy a little light domination? Meeting with an escort in the expectation that she will take full control of the proceedings and instruct you in exactly what SHE wants to do – not what you want to do. Does that hold a little interest for you? She may well make you strip, she may well make you kiss her shoes and stockinged feet – you have no choice or else your mistress may spank you. The psychology of being told exactly what to do can be highly erotic. Then if you are really having fun then your mistress may even lightly restrain you and do as she wishes with you. Teasing, slapping you and making you obey her wishes. Look out for escorts that offer domination services if the above appeals to you.

Dare You Enjoy a Strap On?

Continuing with the domination theme, would you dare try a strap on? Fairly obvious what this means and the thrill of being used like a bitch by your escort may get you highly excited. Your escort would take her time preparing both of you. Ensuring that you are properly aroused then making you watch as she carefully attaches a strap on to herself. You will be nervously excited knowing what is about to come but she is in control, not you and this is part of the fun.

So when the time comes – brace yourself and be ready for what is ahead. You may well enjoy it and add this to your tick box of things done with an escort.

How About Some Water Sport Escort Fun?

WS – or water sports escorts – a niche exercise or more mainstream? WS escorts are in very high demand and the pleasure that many guys get from booking the services of a WS escort is off the scale. Imagine the excitement of being with an escort and getting her so excited that she squirts and gushes uncontrollably – all over you if you really fancy that?

Many escorts offer this service and it is much more popular than you may realise. As are A Levels. Again, we are sure that we do not need to explain exactly what A Level escorts do, just use your imagination. But entering the chocolate starfish in a moment of heightened activity may be quite an exciting bit of fun for guys who may not have tried this before. Slightly taboo maybe but again many escorts offer this service as a part of what they do and don't necessarily see it as being anything so out of the ordinary now.

Uniforms, GFE fun as well as cos-play, training, CIF and a myriad of other surprises await those with a strong appetite for trying something a little different. And its your naughty little secret, no one else will need to know apart from you and your escort.

So you now may look at opportunities with escorts somewhat differently the next time you are browsing an escort agency website and looking for something a little different to spice things up a bit. The opportunities are almost endless, so break out of habits and find something that you may enjoy that you have not necessarily tried yet.

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