23 April 2018

Recommended Blondes from Crush!

Today I’m going to go through our top 5 blonde girls that you can book from our website anytime. These girls are some of the best blondes in the business and will provide you with one of the most exceptional evenings that you could ever have. So here is our top 5 blondes list courtesy of the gorgeous girls here at Crush escorts.


A smoking hot blonde that provides one of the most exceptional evenings possible. Tia will truly make you feel over the moon when you first lay your eyes upon her as this slender and sexy blonde will have you on your knees. Being able to speak two languages and possessing a 34D bust you’ll have the time of your life with her as she makes every second you spend with her truly incredible. If you’re out and about in London then you need to give her a chance to make your afternoon or evening a truly wondrous delight.



A stunning model that will give you an unforgettable experience as this natural busty blonde is true perfection. Having a selfie on our website you can truly see how amazing that she is as she will provide you with one of the most exciting and erotic evenings that you could ever wish for. You’ll become completely infatuated with her beauty as she is truly a one of a kind babe that can speak 3 languages and will have you wanting nothing more than to spend the entire day with her.



A 25 year old busty beauty that will surely entice you into an evening that you will never forget as her plump bum and long-legged figure is something you will adore. If you’ve been searching for one of the most exceptional blondes around then you’ll be elated to know that Diaz cannot wait to meet you and provide one of the best evenings around. Providing a number of excellent services that you will love every single way so when you take your time to meet her make sure you are prepared for a night of truly erotic and sensual fun.



Another absolutely incredible blonde that can provide duos as well. Lidia will take all of your fantasies and make them a reality as there is nothing more wonderful than her ability to make every dream you have come true. Being a petite bundle of fun you can imagine just how naughty this girl is as she cannot wait to meet you! You’ll become totally infatuated with everything she has to offer for you as she busty and slim figure are something that you will surely aspire to take for yourself.



Vera is one of the favourite blondes that we have here at Crush escorts as she possesses a wonderful tanned figure with a brilliant bust that you won’t be able to resist. You’ll meet her and you’ll experience love at first sight as she is absolutely marvellous and wants nothing more than to make you the happiest guy around. Therefore, she is truly one of the best of the best in her profession.