20 January 2016

2016 Brings Excitement To Crush

Crush has started the new year with a bang as it has already brought us a lot of new girls to join our CRUSH Escorts team. They are all young, hot and flirty girls ready to go out and have fun with you very lucky men.

So let me introduce you to them.. first up is Jenifer and she is from Eastern Europe and lives in Notting Hill gate, Leyla and Anaya are also both from Eastern European and they live in High Street Kensington, Mara is Eastern European babe also and she lives in South Kensington together with Aylin and the have both just came back from a long well deserved holiday, Freya is a gorgeous Estonian girl and lives in South Kensington as well, Axelle is one of the most beautiful London escorts we have ever seen and she too is Eastern European and lives in Gloucester Road, finally we have Demie who is new in this business and she can be found living in Gloucester Road.

So now our gallery page is very generous in terms of the girls which we offer you and we have a lot of variety in terms of beauty and talent. So all you have to do is just give us a call and our lovely receptionist Carla will certainly be happy to help you pick the perfect girl for you.